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Chris was at his girlfriends apartment when she came home from a stressed out day of work. He forgot to prepare dinner and she was very pissed off. "I bring home the pay check, I pay the bills, and you don't do shit! I mine as well be the one doing the fucking!" she screamed as she pulled out the dildo. If you want to stay here your going to have to be taught a lesson. Watch as she fucks Chris extremely hard in her ass!


Michael was arrested and brought down to the local prison for booking. He was being very rude to the officer so she decided to teach him a lesson. She stripped off his clothing, bent him over the desk and proceeded to give him a very painful and rough anal cavity search!


Eric was very stressed from work so he decided to visit the local massage parlor for a relaxing massage. Luckily for him, he was matched up with a busty masseuse. She got to work right away, massaging his back, neck and legs. Eric complained that he was having a lot of tension in his lower back so the masseuse had just the technique. Without letting Eric know, she pulled out a vibrator and quickly inserted it deep into his ass!


Jason was at school for his final exam and needed an A+ in order to pass his Tushy class. He realized that getting an A+ was going to be practically impossible so when his teacher asked for a volunteer he was quick to offer. Little did he know he was about to become the final exam. She had him strip off his clothing then bent him over the table. The teacher lubed up his asshole and gave him a very deep anal insertion right on her classroom desk!


Eric hired a hooker for the night to keep him company. Little did he realize what was in store for him! The girl who showed up was a rather cute petite blonde. They started to make out on the couch. She then started to suck his cock. When he pulled down her pants, SHE HAD A COCK TOO! He was so embarrassed, but since he already go this far with her, he continued. Watch as they take turns sucking each other's cocks, licking ass, and even take turns fucking each other!


Chris had a very stressful week and his favorite way to relive his tension was to visit the local massage parlor. He was matched up with a very petite blonde masseuse. She gave him a nice relaxing back and leg massage. She then moved onto his ass. Without asking, se pulled out a set of anal beads and inserted them deep into Chris's ass. Chris was so attracted to the masseuse he was embarrased to tell her to stop! After his uncomfortable insertion she finished him off with a topless handjob!


Eric had a rough week at work, and always liked to visit the massage parlor on Fridays to help relax. His masseuse was a very cute oriental girl in her early 20's. She was very excited to massage such a good looking man. She had a special technique to help relieve stress. Unknown to Eric, she pulled out a long vibrator and without asking, shoved it deep into his ass!


Kevin was arrested for shoplifting and brought down to the local jail for booking. There was only a female prison guard on duty so she was in charge of booking him. Kevin was acting very disrespectful so the guard decided to show him who was boss! She him to strip off his clothing. She then made him bend over the desk and she gave him a humiliating strip search and anal cavity search!


Eric gets called into his boss's office because he recently lost a large account with his company. His boss was very pissed off and was planning on firing him, but he begged and pleaded for his job. She decided to give him one more chance but she needed to teach him a lesson. She bent him over the couch and gave him a very hard spanking and paddling. She then pulled down his underwear, took out a vibrator and inserted it deep into his ass!


Mike forgot his girlfriend's birthday and she was really pissed off. She told Mike she was going to break up with him, and he begged her to give him one more chance. She told him that he would have to prove his love for her by getting fucked in the ass! He reluctantly agrees, and she starts off by shoving a dildo into his mouth to get it wet. Next she bends him over and proceeds to fuck him deep in his ass with the strapon!!!


Lance is the starting receiver on his football team. After a long game her visits his teams sports therapist to get a relaxing massage. He was having some tension in his lower back so the therapist had just the solution. Without telling him of her plans, she pulled out a vibrator and inserts it deep into his ass!


Sammy signed up for an anal insertion class at his school. Little did he know, he was the one the anal insertions were going to be demonstrated on. When the teacher volunteered him for the first insertion. He refused but was told that if he did not receive an insertion he could not pass. To make matters worse, the insertion was extremely thick and long...and very uncomfortable!







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