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Eric was the quaterback for his college football team, so he had to get a physical exam by the school nurse before he could play. He had to strip off his clothing and sit there completely naked while the young nurse checked him out. He was embarrassed as he sat there helpless while she examined him. To make matters worse, she had to give him a deep anal examination!


It was Jamie's birthday so Peter decided to head to the sex shop to get her a present. He purchased a large purple vibrator to help spark up their love life. When she opened the present she felt so disrespected. She screamed at Peter and decided she had the perfect use for it. She made him strip off his clothing, and she fucked him in the ass with it!


Jeremy hired a fellow college student to help with tutoring History. She gave him some assigments to work on before his next lesson. When he returned the following week, he was not prepared and the tutor was extremely pissed off. She pulled out a paddle and told him to "assume the position; if you do not know the answers you are going to pay!" She quizzed him on the work, and he was clueless. She then punished him with an extremely hard spanking and paddling!


Frank visited his doctor for his yearly examination. His main doctor was away on vacation so instead he to be examined by a very beautiful blonde doctor. He was very embarrassed that he had to stand in front of her naked while she examined him. She checked his entire body thorouhgly, including his cock, and even gave him a deep anal checkup! This was the most humiliating experience of his life!


Eric is the boss at his office, and loves to put his hands all over his employees. His secretary wore a tight shirt, and he blatantly felt her breasts without her permission. She called the other secretary and concocted a plan of revenge. They called Eric into the office and told him they were pissed off, and if he didn't follow their orders they would sue him for sexual harassment. He couldn't afford to lose his job so he reluctantly agreed to their orders. He was to such a purple strap on dildo, then bent over and humiliated by being fucked in the ass!


Jamie caught one of her roommates going through her panty drawer. He was caught red handed and had no excuse for what he was doing. She threatened to kick him out of their apartment unless he was willing to take a punishment. She pulled out a dildo and made humiliated him by making him suck on it like it was a cock. She then made him bend over and rammed the dildo deep into his ass!


Jamie and Michael bought an apartment and moved in together. Jamie was paying most of the bills, but she told Michael it was time for him to go out and get a job. When she came home from work, she asked if he found a job. He said that he just stayed home and played video games. She got fed up with his lazy ways and decides it's time for punishment. Watch as Michael gets an extremely hard paddling and bare bottom spanking!


It was Paul's annual checkup time, and this year his doctor was an extremely beautiful Spanish girl. He had a thing for Spanish girls so he was extremely emabarrassed to have to strip down and stand there naked while she examined his body. She checked all his vitals then gave him an embarrassing prostate examination by inserting her finger deep into his ass.


Greg's girlfriend caught him cheating on her with one of her roommates and was very pissed off. He had no job and no where to go so instead of kicking him out of their apartment she decided to get revenge. She told him if he wanted to remain her boyfriend he was going to have to be taught a harsh lesson! She pulled out a very thick dildo and gave him his options. Take it deep into his ass or move out. He reluctantly decided to take it deep!


Paul was on vacation and happened to find an open room. He walked into the room and started going through the stuff hoping to find something to keep him busy. While he was going through the stuff, the girl staying in the room happened to walk in. She was really pissed off and threatened to call the police unless Paul complied with all her demands. He reluctantly agreed, and she was anxious for payback! Watch as she him to suck on a strapon before fucking him deep in his ass!


Paul is a freshman at college and was dating a Senior at the same school. She was very controlling and Paul being the push over always let her have her way. One day he came over to her room 10 minutes late. She decided she was going to punish him! She pulled out a strap on and told him to suck on it. He was confused, but too scared to say no for the fear of her breaking up with him. She then made him get on his hands and knees and the huge strap on deep into his virgin tight ass!


Mike walked in on his beautiful friend while she was changing her clothing. They start talking, and the next thing you know he has her bent over the bed and licking her ass! While he is licking her ass, her roommate walks in on them and is quick to join in. The girls help Mike out of his clothing and start sucking his cock. They lay him down on the bed and they take turns; one sucks his cock while the other licks and plays with his asshole!







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