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Site Last Updated Today: August 15, 2018
Updated August 29, 2008 Tim gets called into his boss's office because he just lost a large account with his company. His boss was very pissed off and was planning on firing him, but he begged and pleaded for his job. She decided to give him one more chance but she needed to teach him a lesson. She bent him over the couch and gave him a very hard spanking and paddling. She then pulled down his underwear, took out a vibrator and inserted it deep into his ass!!


Updated August 22, 2008 Jennifer was living with a friend of the family while her parents were on vacation and decided to sneak a cigarette when no one was home. To her dismay, the family friend walked in on Jennifer smoking and was very upset that Jennifer would disrespect her house like that. She decided to teach her a lesson. Watch as Jennifer gets her panties pulled down and receives a very hard bare bottom spanking!


Updated August 15, 2008 Kendra's mom hired some help to clean the back yard and pool. When Kendra went to check on his progress and found him lying around, with no work done. She threatened to get him fired, but he pleaded and said he'll do anything to save his job. Kendra brought him in the house to play with him for a little while. She had him strip naked and shoved her strapon dildo in his mouth before ass-fucking him senseless!


Updated August 8, 2008 Angelique was hanging out with her friends talking about their recent sexual experiences. One of Angela's friends recently gave her boyfriend a rimjob and she said he really enjoyed it. So when Angela got home she told her boyfriend all about it. She said she wanted to give it a try. He was a little hesitant at first but after a few minutes she was licking and fingering his ass while stroking his cock!


Updated August 1, 2008 John's girlfriend caught him cheating on her with one of her roommates and was very pissed off. He had no job and no where to go so instead of kicking him out of their apartment she decided to get revenge. She told him if he wanted to remain her boyfriend he was going to have to be taught a harsh lesson! She pulled out a very thick dildo and gave him his options. Take it deep into his ass or move out. He reluctantly decided to take it deep!


Updated July 18, 2008 Jeff's sexy girlfriend just caught him cheating with one of her friends and was not too happyf. Instead of kicking him out of their apartment she decided to get her revenge. If he wanted to remain her boyfriend he was going to have to be taught a good lesson. Pulling out a thick dildo and gave him his options. He can take it deep or move the hell out. He ultimately decided to take it deep!


Updated July 7, 2008 Rosa found out her best friend's boyfriend Frank recently broke up with her. Rosa being the best friend that she is decided that someone needed to teach him a lesson. She invited him over and gave him a really hard punishment deep in his ass!
Bonus Update July 4, 2008 Brian needed to have some shemale cock in his ass, it was that time of the week, so he travelled to the west side of town to meet with his "friend" Trish. She had just finished with her penis enlarger, and was more than ready for Brian's cute butt. He started by sucking on her beautiful breasts but asked immediately if she could get to work on his ass. She began pounding away, and after half an hour Brian was more than ready to give it back to her!


Updated June 27, 2008 Carlos went to look for a job, or so he said to his girlfriend Rose. She's been paying the bills for months now, and it's about time Carlos chipped in. When he arrived home, with no new work, Rose decided it was either time for their relationship to be over, or, Carlos could simply take it up the ass as punishment. Rose was glad Carlos needs a place to stay, because she now gets to fuck him in the ass every time he comes home without his portion for rent!


Updated June 20, 2008 The office intern Chris did not file that form down at city hall correctly, completely messing up Linda's busy work day, forcing her to drive all the way to the city herself. When she got back, still upset from the drive, she decided she wanted to make sure this would never happen again. She bent Chris over and shoved her favorite strapon up Chris' ass and began pounding it as hard as she could. Chris enjoyed the hardcore banging so much he swore never to file any forms correctly ever again!


Updated June 6, 2008 Chocolate discovered that her friend's husband was cheating on her behind her back. She wanted to tell her friend, but they have two kids and she did not want to send the marriage to divorce. So she told the husband that she will go to his wife and tell her everything if he ever cheated again, and she decided to fuck him in the ass to make sure he didn't forget!


Updated May 30, 2008 Steve ran up the credit card bill and his girlfriend was really pissed off. She was really upset for the fact that Steve hasn't had a job for the past 2 months. She decided to kick him out of the house, but he begged and pleaded to give him another chance. She decided to let him stay but felt he needed to be punished with a thick strapon! She instructed him to suck on the strapon then she shoved it deep into his ass!


Updated May 23, 2008 Simone's tenant, Bobby, gave her a bad check so she went to collect the rent in cash this time, with the bounced check fee added on to the total of course. When she got there, Bobby apologized for the situation but told her that he just did not have the money then. Simone was in a forgiving mood and told him that she'd give her an extension provided that he allow her to fuck him in his ass. He didn't have any other option and he would be homeless if Simone decided to evict him, so he bent over and took it like a champ!







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