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Site Last Updated Today: August 15, 2018
Updated May 16, 2008 Tonya's neighbor Slav was out of work and needed money desperately. He noticed that she always wore nice jewelry. So when Tonya left her house, Slav decided to jump over her backyard to see if he could get in through the back door. Unfortunately for him, Tonya forgot something in the house and caught him in the act. He apologized and told her his situation. She felt sorry for him and asked if he would want to earn the money instead. He said yes but almost regretted his decision when she pulled out the huge strapon. She bent him over and fucked him silly!


Updated May 2, 2008 Brian's new gf Minka was suspicious that he may have cheated on her so she decided to check his voice mails. It turns out that her suspicions were correct and that he has been two timing her. Another girl left a message giving him praise about how great anal sex was the other day with him which made her furious. So when he came home, she threw him down on the bed and made him stripe naked. She wanted to know how great anal sex too, only she wouldn't be receiving. She would be the one giving and she gave it nice and hard!


Updated April 25, 2008 Clarance, a teacher's aid, was secretly dating a student by the name of Alisa. When the relationship fell apart, Alisa was devastated and wanted to figure out a way to make Clarance feel just as used. Alisa's friend Rita and her devised a plan. They went to Clarance and told him that if he didn't agree to get fucked hard by the both of them with a strapon, then they would report him to the Principal and the authorities. Clarance considered the options and answered by pulling down his pants and bending over!


Updated April 18, 2008 Jarret had been unemployed for a few months and he was getting desperate. He drove up to the rich part of town to try and find a house that was unlocked he could rob. While he was peering through a window, the owner came around the corner and caught him red-handed. He pleaded with her to let him off the hook, and being a businesswoman she made him an offer he couldn't refuse: Let me fuck you in the ass with my strapon and I'll let you go free!


Updated April 11, 2008 Natalie came home to discover a burglar trying to steal her car. Rather than call the cops, she takes matters into her own hands and drags him by the ear into her house to teach him a lesson. She runs to get her strapon dildo and it into his mouth making him choke on it, then she has him down on all fours while she straps on the dildo and fucks him hard in the ass!!


Updated March 31, 2008 Hank was hitting on his girlfriend Carrie's friends and it didn't take long to get back to her. When she heard that he's a lying cheat, Carrie wanted to kick him out on the street, but her friend Megan had a kinky idea. She brought over her dildos and when Hank came home she gave him a strip tease. He thought he was going to fuck them both, but he soon realized those dildos were meant for his ass!


Updated March 17, 2008 John was about to quit his job as a pizza delivery man, so on his last night he indulged himself and ate a few pizzas he was supposed to deliver. When he showed up at his customer's house, he was surprised to discover that they were two young and gorgeous women! He gave them the empty pizza box and apologized, saying he'd do anything to make it up to them. The two girls took him up on the offer and ordered him to strip. They made him suck on a strapon dildo and then fucked him in the ass with it!


Updated March 10, 2008 Billy lost his job because he was caught masturbating in his cubicle. When his girlfriend got home from work he worked up some tears to try and soften her wrath. But when she saw him crying she called him a pussy and pulled out her strapon dildo to fuck him in the ass with!
Bonus Update
Bonus update March 10, 2008 Dave couldn't make it to the gym today, because of a busted transmission, but he needed a good workout. So he decided that since he couldn't pump iron, he would bend his hot shemale gf over and pump her full of his hot love!


Updated March 3, 2008 Scarlett's boyfriend Brian has been acting like a lazy bitch for the past few months. He hasn't bothered to find a job in the past few months and this really pisses her off. Since he's acting like a bitch Scarlett decided to treat him like one! She pulled out a strapon dildo and shoved it down his throat, then proceeded to fuck him deep in the ass!


Updated February 18, 2008 Shaun's girlfriend had a friend at work who really turns her on, but she didn't want to cheat on Shaun. She brought it up with him and he agreed to a threesome with her. When the two girls came over, they started to get naked and he saw that this new friend has a dick! She is a gorgeous shemale though so he went along with it. They stroked his cock and he let her new friend fuck him in the ass!


Updated February 11, 2008 Jim forgot his girlfriend's birthday and she was really pissed off. She told Jim she was going to break up with him, and he begged her to give him one more chance. She told him that he would have to prove his love for her by getting fucked in the ass! He reluctantly agrees, and she starts off by shoving a dildo into his mouth to get it wet. Next she bends him over and proceeds to fuck him deep in his ass with the strapon!


Updated February 4, 2008 Jonas the electrician was called in to fix a dead socket in Jessie's bedroom. While he was fixing it he figured he could peek inside her panty drawer to see how kinky she is. Little did he know Jessie was watching from the hallway and caught him doing so. She threatened to call the cops, but he begged her not to. He said he would do anything to make it up. She pulled out a strapon and told him to get onto the bed. He was reluctant and first, but didn't want to lose his job or get arrested so he did everything she said!







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