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Site Last Updated Today: August 15, 2018
Updated October 15, 2007 Dirk Biggler came home from work to find his girlfriend Jessica in some sexy new lingerie. She walked over to him wagging her sexy butt and unzipped his fly revealing his stiff cock ready for pleasure. She got Dirk undressed and started giving him a handjob and licking and sucking his balls, but she had more in store for him that night. She got him on his knees and shoved her tongue in his asshole while she jerked him off into ecstacy!


Updated October 1, 2007 Michael was hard at work correcting tests when one of his pupils, Denise, showed up after class for a talk. She heard her friends talking about sticking things up their boyfriends' asses and was curious to know if her teacher had ever done anything like that. Michael mumbles something about being inexperienced but before he could get a word in Denise was already stripped down to her panties. She quickly coerced michael into taking off his pants and letting her give him a handjob but after a nice long handjob, she pulled out a vibrator and stuck it right up his ass! The stimulation of the toy and her hand was a wonderful new lesson!


Updated September 24, 2007 Amber Rayne's boyfriend has been hitting on her friends and finally one of them called her and let her know about it. So when he comes home Amber really lets him have it. She gives him 2 options, either hit the road or bend over and take it up the ass! Amber gets out her strapon dildo and shoves it in his mouth to get it good and wet. Then she strips him naked and straps on the dildo before shoving deep into his butt!


Updated September 17, 2007 Gia Giavanna came home to find her boyfriend, Michael Palumbo was just finishing up the household chores in the kitchen. She bought some presents for them for just such an occasion. They had been talking about experimenting with anal insertion and handjobs so they decided to try it out tonight! Gia unzipped Michael's pants to stroke his cock with both hands. She pulled out her new vibrator and bent him over the sink so she could jerk him off and fuck his asshole with her new toy!


Updated September 10, 2007 Jason visits his doctor to get his yearly examination. Dr. Phoenix has a new nurse in training so he wanted to make sure to give Jason a thorough exam in order to show the nurse the proper procedures. He started off checking all of Jason's vitals and heart rate. He then proceeded to check Jason's testicles by making him turn his head and cough. The doctor finished off the exam by giving Jason a very deep anal examination in front of the nurse. Before leaving, Jason asked that next time the nurse do the exam!


Updated September 3, 2007 Harmony Rose comes home to find her boyfriend a bit depressed and decides to cheer him up. She takes off his pants and licks and rubs his cock for a while before taking off her own clothes and letting him suck on her nipples. After a few minutes of jerking him off, she fucks his asshole with her tongue while she gives him a handjob and it cheers him right up!!


Updated August 27, 2007 Miko is showing a new hire, Denice, how to do a full massage on the men who come to thier parlor. Denice is just learning about the deep massage techniques used in this particular parlor and can't wait to try them out on their next customer, Jason. Once Jason is undressed and on the bench, Denice starts in with a bakc and leg massage. She rubs him down with massage oil and sneaks her fingers up his legs to his ass. She pulls off his boxers and starts massaging his asshole, then takes out a vibrator and shoves it deep in his ass!


Updated August 20, 2007 David Goldwyn got a tip from his buddy that his neighbor, Demi Daliah, is one hot piece of ass! He went over to check if she was home and found her in the kitchen doing dishes. He spyed through the window a bit too long though and Demi Caught him in the act. She threatened to call the cops on him but he begged her not to, so she dragged him inside by the ear and him to take off his clothes. She whipped out a strap-on dildo and made him suck it before she lubed up his asshole and fucked him with it!


Updated August 13, 2007 Larry got pulled over for running a red-light, but when he tried to hit on the officer Veronica she hauled his ass to jail! Larry had to strip naked so Veronica could check him for contraband. She snaps on a pair of latex gloves and spreads Larry's legs while his future cell-mate Halie checks out the action from behind bars. A couple fingers up his ass might have taught Larry a lesson, but he just considers it a date!!


Updated July 23, 2007 Jason got caught shoplifting and was taken to jail. The standard procedure when dealing with common thieves is a full-body cavity search and Jason's case is no exception. He is restrained and to strip down. Deputy Jade gets her favorite finger hugged by Jason's sphincter as she searches for the the stolen goods, but comes up empty handed. Jason's cell-mates get a good show as he is gently violated by the officer, but with what's in store for him behind those bars it's only a warm-up!


Updated July 16, 2007 Jerome had no idea there would be a test when he came into class so of course he was unprepared. The only way to pass would have been to cheat which he tried very hard to do. But Jerome was caught when his classmate noticed him peering over her shoulder. The teacher was called over and she didn't go easy on him! She threw Jerome over her knee and proceeded to slap the shit out of his ass. Then she whipped out her wooden paddle and taught Jerome a lesson he would never forget!


Updated July 9, 2007 Jason was caught watching porn on his computer by his boss Ms. Jade. She calls him in to explain that watching porn at work is not acceptable, but she is actually turned on by it and decides to blackmail Jason into submission. Jade him to strip naked before she pulls out a strapon dildo and it down his throat. After getting bent over her desk and fucked in the ass, Jason may be asking for a raise soon!







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