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Site Last Updated Today: August 15, 2018
Updated July 2, 2007 Feisty and sexy Aline has had it with her boyfriend Joe. All he does all day is sit around watching TV but tonight she wants some entertainment so she strips down and straps on her new dildo. She the cock down his throat and makes him suck it. Joe is a bit surprised but goes along with her game and gets fucked hard in the ass by his girlfriend's cock!


Updated June 25, 2007 Ms. Cheyenne will not stand to have cheaters in her class. When she catches Jeremy cheating with his classmate the only thing she can do is to punish them both. James gets sent to the corner while she drags Jeremy by the ear to her desk. She bends him over her knee and slaps the shit out of him. She takes down his pants and takes out a wooden paddle to drive the point home that cheating will not be tolerated!


Updated June 18, 2007 Larry has been feeling a bit tired lately so he made an appointment for a "special" massage. His masseuse, Veronica, is teaching the new hire, Halie, the ins and outs of the business. Veronica gets Larry all oiled up and starts working her way down the back, to his legs and then takes his underwear off to get a bit deeper. With a deep anal massage from a vibrator and two gorgeous masseuses Larry is feeling better already!


Updated June 11, 2007 Katja's boyfriend is getting tired of the same old handjobs. He loves them, but he wants to try something different this time. He asks if Katja wouldn't mind licking his ass while giving him a handjob... and she's all for it! She unzips his pants and strokes his cock like a pro before putting her chin to the mattress and tossing his salad!


Updated June 4, 2007 Jeremy was arrested and brought down to the prison for booking. He told the officer he was never arrested before but after booking him, she realized this was the fourth time he was arrested this year. She decided to teach him a lesson about lying to an police officer. She him to strip off his clothing in front of a female inmate, bend over the desk and get a humiliating anal cavity exam!


Updated May 28, 2007 Jerome was arrested and brought down to the holding station. This was the second time this week that Jerome was arrested for driving on a suspended license so the officer decided to teach him a lesson. She called in one of the secretaries into the jail cell and Jerome to strip off his clothing. She then bent him over the desked, spread his ass and gave him a very humiliating anal cavity search right in front of the beautiful blonde secretary!


Updated May 7, 2007 Chris walked into the bedroom and saw his girlfriend and her best friend in bed. his girlfriend decided to test him to see how far he would go to have sex with another girl. His girlfriend told him he would first need to be "fucked" in order to fuck her best friend. He reluctantly agreed... After getting a strapon cock shoved deep into his throat he was bent over and fucked hard in his ass! After he was anally humiliated, his girlfriend changed her mind and wouldn't let him fuck her best friend!


Updated April 30, 2007 Larry got home early from work and was waiting for his girlst. While he was waiting for his girlfriend to arrive, his girlfriend's best friend Sara stopped by. Larry completely put the moves on Sara and even tried to kiss her! When Larry's girlfriend got home, Sara confessed to what Larry did, and his girlfriend was furious. She pulled out the paddle, placed Larry over her lap and proceeded to give him a very hard bare bottom spanking!


Updated April 23, 2007 Jerome was having bad headaches so his girlfriend brought him to the massage parlor to get a nice relaxing massage. The masseuse Kayla Quinn wanted to give Jerome a very good massage and to show his girlfriend techniques for massages that they could do at home. Kayla was massaging him and found that he had a lot of stress in his lower back. She had just the solution. She pulled out a vibrator and showed his girlfriend how to properly relieve his deep tension with a very embarrassing deep anal massage! Watch as Kayla and his girlfriend insert a vibrator deep into his ass!


Updated April 16, 2007 Joe visits his doctor to get his yearly examination. His Doctor has a new nurse in training so he wanted to make sure to give Joe a thorough exam in order to show the nurce the proper procedures. He started off checking all of Joe's vitals and heart rate. He then proceeded to check Joe's testicle by making him turn his head and cough. The doctor finished off the exam by giving Joe a very deep anal examination in front of the nurse! He was so embarrassed!


Updated April 9, 2007 Michael got home from football practice and was really tired. He was feeling really horny, but too tired to have sex with his girlfriend. Instead he asked her for a handjob. She was not really interested, but told him if she could play with his ass she would give him a great handjob. Watch as he gets his ass fingered and licked by his horny girlfriend!


Updated April 2, 2007 Carly Parker was hanging out with her boyfriend Allan Stafford. He was really horny and wanted a handjob from her, but she was not in the mood. After a few minutes of begging, she caved in, and agreed to give him a handjob ONLY if he allowed to play with his ass! Watch as she fingers and licks his ass while giving him a handjob!







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